Math Riddles Course

Rubik's cube - Math Riddles Course at the Technion

Riddles and Mathematics 1 (104186) and Riddles and Mathematics 2 (104187) courses are open to students with a high ability in mathematics who love puzzles. One of the main objectives of these courses is to select and prepare a team of students at the Technion who will participate in the international student competition in mathematics held every year in Bulgaria.


More details about the competition and questions from previous years can be found at the link:

Members of the Technion team will enjoy full funding of all flight expenses and stays during the competition.

The 1 + 2 riddles and mathematics courses are open to students from the third semester onwards. The number of registrants is limited to 12 and registration for the course is conditional on the lecturer’s approval by the students’ achievements and their transcripts.

You can get credit for these courses even if you have taken them in the past. Those interested in trying and registering for riddles and mathematics courses are invited to send an application by email to Maya Shpigelman Applications will be reviewed and notifications will be sent to those who have received registration approval.

Further information, including the updated course schedule, can be found on the Hebrew webpage.