Math Riddles Course

Math Riddles Course at the Technion

The Math Riddles course in the Technion Math Department deals with mathematical problems and puzzles coming from combinatorics, number theory, Euclidean geometry, functional equations and inequalities, probability theory, complex numbers, game theory and more. There are no preliminary requirements for the course apart from familiarity with basic mathematical notions and strong mathematical abilities. Problems are presented in the course in an elementary way. Most of them are at the level of problems given at Math Olympics to high school students: some are taken from various national and international Math Olympics or from the Putnam competition in mathematics for undergraduate students in the US, others originate in actual mathematical research.

The course is open to high school and university students, as well as anyone who loves mathematics, and requires an active involvement of the participants in group and individual problem-solving. The goal of the course is to develop general mathematical thinking and problem solving skills of students and to prepare them to further mathematical studies. The course can also serve as a good preparation for mathematical competitions at the highest level.

Enrollment in the course

The course is open to everyone and no registration is required. Technion students can take the course for credit (the course number is either 104186 or 104187, depending on the semester). More information, including the updated course schedule, can be found at the Hebrew webpage.