Quantomba 1900 – Summer camp in quantum theory

Quantomba 1900 is a new summer camp that combines, on the one hand, quantum computing studies at the level of basic theory and practice (what does this mean? How can you already experiment with quantum computers, and familiarization with basic algorithms in the field) and, on the other hand, diverse and fun social activities (pool, movies, trips and the like).
The quantomba 1900 camp is a follow-up camp to the Tomba and Komba summer camps, albeit at a more advanced level. The camp takes place for two weeks under boarding conditions at the Technion in a format similar to Tomba and Komba and parallel to them.

The quantomba camp is intended for high school students who graduated from Tomba and Komba or have a solid academic background in mathematics. The number of places in the camp is limited, with about twenty boys and girls each year.

The camp participants study in groups of five under the guidance of academic counselors (students from the Technion Math Department) following a special study program developed in the Technion Math Department for the camp. Towards the end of the camp, there is an exciting competition between the groups of students where they can test their acquired knowledge.

In addition, Math Department researchers give lectures to the camp participants on various mathematical topics related to quantum theory.

The camp activities are conducted (in Hebrew) on the Technion campus. The camp participants live in the Technion dorms on weekdays and return home for Shabbat. Between and after their academic activities, the participants are guided by camp counselors.

*This camp is a joint project of the Faculty of Mathematics and The Helen Diller Quantum Center

The tuition fee for the camp is 2000NIS.

  • further information about the Quantomba Math Summer Camp is available on its Hebrew website.